CMS Website

Manage your own website with a CMS website

A Content Management System (CMS) website is a database driven, dynamic website that provides the site owner with an administration area where website content (images & text) can be updated and/or deleted. This requires no specialist web design skills – if you can use a word processor package like Microsoft Word, then you can use the CMS system we implement – all built on either the WORDPRESS or JOOMLA open source framework.


Think of this type of website as a large house with many rooms all needing items of furniture in them. We build the house for you (your website) and you fill the rooms with your own content. The major advantage of this type of website is that you the website owner, can change any text or images or add pages to your web site without the need to pay extra for someone else to do it for you.

That’s not to say that we leave you ‘on your own’ after your website is built. If you would prefer to have your website managed by us on a ‘as you need it’ or ‘monthly’ contract basis, we are happy to work with you to suit your individual needs.